100 Strangers Project - Eric Gove Photography
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Stranger #14 of 100- Tom aka Crom Tossman

Stranger #14 of 100- Tom aka Crom Tossman

Amherst, MA - 2/18/16
“In the last 5 years or so I have practiced devoting time, energy, and love to my friends, family and community with no expectations of anything in return. To my surprise, the more I have loved everything and everyone around me the more it comes back in multiples.”
*Tom or as I have come to call him Crom Tossman, was someone I met through my friend Noah who asked me to join their softball team, Scared Hitless. It was over the course of a summer of softball, more than a couple of beers, and some great laughs that I learned more about Tom. However, Tom is not just a local business owner who helps his community. He truly lives the words above, and there is not a day that doesn’t go by that I haven’t seen a post on social media from him about an fundraiser, event to support something or someone in need, or himself donating his time for something he believes in.