100 Strangers Project - Eric Gove Photography
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Stranger #12 of 100- Heidi

Stranger #12 of 100- Heidi

Holyoke, MA - 11/28/15
"Embrace Love"
*Heidi was someone I met while I in line for coffee. We had a nice conversation and I had asked her to be part of the project but I didn't have my camera and gave her my card to contact me. We ended up getting coffee and I learned a lot about her and her travels throughout this world. A young girl at 23yrs, but a mature with her experiences through the world. Heidi embraces what we all want to do at that age; experience the world however we can. Her energy and constant smile energizes you to want to do more yourself! Heidi is on her way to Vail, CO to start a new chapter of her life! I wish her the best and glad I can call her a friend now!